October 14, 2016

Lake Tahoe, CA

Weather was turning a bit stormy (the beginnings of the big storm all along the west coast), but still a beautiful hike down to Chimney Beach on Lake Tahoe.

October 13, 2016

Travertine Hot Springs, CA

A random search of "things to do along the drive from Yosemite to Tahoe" lead to us discovering how many hot springs are in the eastern sierras area. Many have been turned into little resorts, and soaking pools, but Travertine Hot Spring is still totally natural, and totally free. A little crowded but what an awesome experience!

Mono Lake, CA

Super tired out from a long day of climbing and hiking, we opted to make the drive up to Tahoe a bit early, and take in all the random stops along the way. Mono Lake is just east of Yosemite, and full of weird salt formations called "tufas".

October 12, 2016

Cathedral Peak, CA

Attempted a 5 pitch route up to the top of the super classic Cathedral Peak, but I got so terrified of the exposure and the winds, it quickly turned into a pitch and a half plus an extended circumnavigation of the rock formation instead. :/ Luckily the views were beautiful either way!