Little flight

Thwarted by cloudy skies in the mountains, we took a short little flight today around the Lake Stevens area.

Big Jim Mountain, WA

This tour was recommended by one of our guide books as a good "later season" ski spot, and we had seen a few trip reports from over the years of late season tours up to Big Jim Mountain, so it seemed like a cool new spot to try for a lovely sunny weekend...

We ended up hiking about 3 miles with 2000 ft of elevation gain, skis strapped to our packs, before we hit skiable snow. By the time we got up there we were so tired, and it was so late we only had a tiny bit of skiing before we made the long trek back down. Seems like this would be an awesome hike or backpack in the summer (views of the valley were gorgeous), but not sure I'd recommend this as a spot to ski. Seriously good workout though :)

San Juan Island, WA

Awesome trip up to the islands with Momma this past weekend. We lived out my scoot coupe dreams, and rented one of those ridiculous tiny red cars to drive all over the island. Mom managed to fall out once while we were parked, and drive uphill with the parking brake on... hahah generally great fun :)

Snow Lake, WA

I wouldn't recommend this as a winter hike unless avi danger is super low, but conditions were perfect for a jaunt up the valley towards Snow Lake today. It snowed almost the whole time on the way out and back, but we had lovely blue skies for half an hour or so while we stopped for lunch and a little bit of sledding :)