Hacking Tumblr for Wedding Websites

As I previously mentioned, I've been helping a friend with a bit of wedding planning recently. Soooo much fun! We're working on the website this week, and it feels so good to teach her about all the neat little blog hacks and free web tools out there that made my wedding planning go so smoothly. I amassed all this random wedding and planning knowledge, used it for one big event, and will never need it again. It feels pretty awesome to have it put to good use.

The only slight difficulty in sharing my super-cool, high-tech wedding skills is that this friend and I met through work in Columbus, and therefore, she lives in Ohio. I've had to get a bit creative to bridge the distance gap, and have started making her "screenshot tutorials", step by step instructions on how to create the site and add neat features (like an online RSVP collector that automatically feeds into an excel sheet, ooOOoo). The two I've made for her so far are super rough and quick, just to get the basic points across, but got me thinking about the idea of sharing tutorials with a wider audience. Think anyone would be interested in some tumblr hack tutorials?