Potential New House

Cary and I have been looking for a house pretty much since the first week we moved to Seattle. We like our current apartment complex well enough, but have realized that you can have a mortgage on a nice house and pay less per month than average rent out here! Owning a home didn't make sense in Columbus, our rent was sooo cheap that the thought of buying never crossed our minds... but rent in the Seattle area is a whole different story. It's not outrageous like I imagine NYC and San Francisco to be, but it's enough to make buying an attractive option.

We've been touring houses every other weekend for a few months now, and have finally found a place we really really love! It's on the edge of downtown Everett, a short bike ride from Cary's work, and within walking distance from the local co-op grocery store, our rock gym, and some great restaurants.
We put in an offer and toured it for the second time this past weekend, mostly so I could take pictures and start dreaming/planning :)

Built in 1915, it's one of the original craftsman homes from the area (a style that is absolutely in line with Cary and I: minimal, handmade, timeless). It's unique, charming, and reminds me so much of my house in Fairport (it even has a mini barn in the back)!