Pre-christmas Traditions

Inspired by this neat couple, Cary and I started our own little pre-christmas tradition this year. After work we put on the christmas tunes, drank wine by candlelight, and opened presents from each other. We had a $5 limit this year due to our recent GIANT purchase: a house, but I kind of think we should do it every year! It's hard to think of things the other person really wants at that price point, and forces you to be creative and thoughtful.

I felt like I had picked out the neatest $5 gift possible (a nerdy/engineer-y pair of boxers with hammers, tape measurers, and drills all over them) but was absolutely bested by Cary's gift of Jeni's Ice Cream!! He had tracked down a local supplier (woooottt!!), secretly made the purchase, and hidden it away in the freezer... what a catch :)