So Much News

I'm usually a pretty regular blogger (actually that's a lie, I'm an extremely regular blogger! like at least one post every week day) so it's been killing me to not have posted anything in soooo long!! The past few weeks I've been experiencing a a classic case of "so much excitement to write about that there's no time to write". I could go into all the long and drawn out details, but I'm a bit tired out from all the excitement, so I'll sum it up with: Cary and I are homeowners!!

After 2 months of solid house hunting, and another 2 months of battling it out with lenders (our dream house was built in 1915, not exactly a lender's favorite) we finally signed for ownership on wednesday!! It took a whole hour to go through the giant stack of documents, but I got some really good practice time signing "Kelly Bork". Haha, I think my signature almost felt natural, and not full of almost-signed-my-maiden-name-oopses by the end.

We won't start moving in until January, due to our (also super exciting) triple christmas (FL, DC, and NY) that we fly out for on Saturday, but thats just fine with me :)