Brews Almighty

Stopped in to check out "Brews Almighty" today, a neat little store in Everett that does growler (and growlette) fills of local beer, what a cool concept! The staff was super nice, and let me try a bunch of tiny samples before I picked anything (kind of like sampling at Jeni's, but for beers, hoorahhh). I got a growlette full of Lazy Boy Double Trouble IPA, and filled the Great Lakes 2 liter growler with a mix of half Ace Berry Cider and half Ace Joker Cider. Hopefully Cary won't feel like its sacrilegious to put cider in a Great Lakes growler, buuttt he wasn't there to taste anything, and 2 liters is a lot of IPA to drink up if he doesn't like it.

PS: Yes, our fridge really is that empty. It's super sad. We should probably buy some groceries soon.