Thrifted Wristlet

I've needed a new wallet for quite some time now. Lex and I got our matching vera bradley wristlets a few christmases back (ok more than a few) when I had just started college. She's since been through at least 2 new wallets, while mine... is still hanging in there. Literally hanging. Because its a wristlet. It's super ratty though (as I'm sure you can imagine) and I've been meaning to replace it, I just couldn't seem to find one that met all my wallet needs (standard card slots + a wrist strap, room for chapstick, and a place to attach my keys). I say couldn't, because today I finally found a replacement!! Wooot!! It's not perfect (not my favorite color ever), but it meets all my wallet checklist items, aaaand it's leather (bonus!), and it was $2 (thank yoouuu goodwill)!!