Amazon Original Pilots

After a few hush hush weeks of hearing about this awesome new Amazon project, it's finally live, aka I can talk about it! Have you heard that Amazon is producing its own original TV content? And that they're using customer reviews to determine which shows are funny and actually worth producing? They started by crowd sourcing tons of scripts a while back, then narrowed it down to 14 shows to air pilot episodes. Eventually they'll narrow it down again (based on customer reviews), and actually produce a few of the shows.

Some are pretty terrible (Cary kinda liked the Zombieland one, but I thought it was bleh), some have potential (Dark Minions has a weird pilot, but would be great once its full claymation), and some are so bad they're awesome (Supa Natural... sci-fi divas saving the world. Need I say more?). Check em out and rate your favorites!