A Fresh Look

I wear glasses pretty much every day as of late. I didn't used to, but working in photoshop all day, staring at a computer for 9 consecutive hours, leads to tired eyes and dry contacts. Boo. Glasses are so cute, aaand comfy for my eyes, they're a total win-win! I do feel like wearing the same pair can get a little old after a bit though. I wouldn't wear the same shirt every day for 9 months, why should I wear the same glasses? I've tried switching it up a bit with my Ray-Bans from a few years back (my first really cool glasses and the beginning of my glasses kick) but mostly I turn to my super big (aka I can see so much more) Honeybadgers from BonLook.

It's been a while since I've gotten a fresh pair of specs, and I'm getting the itch. I really liked the whole BonLook process (good selection of frames online, decently cheap, shipped to your door) and would like to buy something from their newer collections. Any thoughts on what would look most awesome?

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