Cedar Composter - Day 1

Since I was sick in bed, and Cary was rapidly spiraling into the land of SOOO BORED, the long weekend became the prefect time for heavy-duty craftiness and home improvement projects.

After discovering the super neat selection of hipster products available in the Agrarian section of Williams-Sonoma (love all these things) Cary decided we should have one of the Farmer D Cedar Composters. He also decided that $500 was way too expensive, and that he was going to build it himself. Never mind the fact that added up, the cost of Cary's labor, materials, a circular saw, etc. etc. would be wayyyy more than $500, as long as he thought it sounded fun!

So far, Cary built two-thirds of the bin, realized it wouldn't fit out the basement door, disassembled half of it, and carried it outside to finish. Quite exciting stuff!