Extra Happy Birthday To Me

Today I headed to the mall on my own (Cary's out of town on a guys weekend) totally intending to check out the garage sale going on at REI... But instead I found myself at the apple store, admiring iPads as usual. Except this week was my birthday week. And Cary wasn't there to stop me. And I've been working super hard makin dollars at work recently. Sooooo... I got one!! In fact, this blog post is being written from my iPad right now! I decided it would be great not to fight over my laptop at night (Cary's laptop is on the fritz) and this can do all my day to day things like email, blogging, facebooking, and even photo editing / creative things. 

I'm super impressed with how many apps for creative people there are, and even more impressed with how many are free. Even Adobe has a cool (free) "Adobe Ideas" app that's like a lite version of photoshop / illustrator, complete with layers capability! I think it'll take a little getting used to drawing on the pad, but I could see myself being able to start projects on here later down the road.