The Gardner Hut

Surprise activity number three: staying at the Gardner Hut! This adorable mini-cabin has no running water or electricity, an all wood interior, and incredible views of the Methow Valley. I couldn't have imagined a more perfect place for an anniversary getaway! We were hoping to do a loop of the single-track mountain biking trail that started literally feet away from our door, but due to our extreme saddle-soreness (dang you horseback riding!) we spent most of our time soaking up the sun while reading.

Part of me wants to go out and build a cabin just like the Gardner Hut for ourselves right now, I mean come on, can you get any more charming? I love the idea of a minimalistic getaway spot in the middle of nowhere, far more luxurious than a tent, but still simple enough to cook and light with a small propane tank. (Cary and I actually semi-broke the cool propane-powered lights while we there, and ended up playing cards by candlelight, swoon!) For now though, it's awesome to be able to rent a Rendezvous Huts from time to time :)