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Sister Sister

Took FULL advantage of my 24 hours with Lex... classic sister sister photoshoot opp :)

Happy Holidays

On the "road" lots this week. FL + DC + DE for a family bonanza.

Music for December

Despite the popular belief that December is just for Christmas tunes (which it totally is, but no one can listen to sleigh bells 100% of the time) its also the right time for slower jams and electrobeats. Also Ke$ha.

Boys Don't Cry - XOV
Younger - Seinabo Sey
DDFH - Run The Jewels
Hunger - Sam Sure
Lifesaver - Cherub
Open - Rhye
Divine Sorrow - Wyclef Jean, Avicii
OctaHate - Ryn Weaver
The Hanging Tree - James Newton Howard
Warrior - Ke$ha

Granite Mountain

Amaaaaazing weather in Seattle today. We celebrated with an 8.6 mile (3,800 ft of elevation gain) hike to the summit of Granite Mountain. It kind of blows my mind that we can drive an hour from our house and hike something similar to Mt. Washington.

Skyline Lake

Crazy weather this morning when we woke up at Skyline Lake, a dreamy atmosphere of intermittent snow-mist-fog with occasional views of Steven's Pass.

Christmas Tree

We continued our annual tradition of decorating a Christmas tree in the backcountry by heading out to Skyline lake with lights, ornaments, and a holiday feast. Now that its the second year of this tradition, its basically a holiday staple. We added a bit more fun this time by staying bringing a few friends along, staying overnight, and playing holiday tunes on my jambox. It was SO delightfully festive :)

Artist Point

This weekend we headed out to Baker to enjoy a much easier "intro to backcountry" than last weekend's escapades (aka more low angle skinning, less steep hiking with skis on our back). The way out to Artist Point was fairly crowded, but the views were INCREDIBLE and there was still lots of powder on the way down.

Turkey Soup

With so much leftover turkey, Cary's been cooking up a storm of turkey related dishes. This turkey soup with homemade noodles was especially tasty given the recent chilly weather we've been having here (there was even tiny bits of snow/frost on the ground downtown this weekend!)


Turkey Soup
(from various things we have in the fridge)

2 cups chicken stock
Egg noodles

Chop veggies and let simmer in water/stock mix (enough to totally cover veggies). Cook for 1 hour (until veggies are tender). Add turkey, cook another 30 minutes. Add noodles, cook 5 minutes. Salt, pepper, and parsley to taste.