Downtown Living

For various reasons (commute, culture, condo-living ease, etc) Cary and I have been contemplating the idea of living downtown, close to my office. Right now, my long hours, plus my long commute, plus public transit lag time (standing at a bus stop for half an hour daily) adds up to lots and lots of time apart... and with Cary's more regular schedule, it might make sense for him to do the driving. Coupled with our generally terrible gardening & housekeeping skills, and our fondness of traveling for weekends and random long stretches of time, the thought of living in a little condo within walking distance of work has become quite exciting.

To test out our theory that the Borks may be entering yet another life shift (hey, it's been at least a year since we had major life changes, its about time for us to be bored!) we're "living" in South Lake Union for a week, in an awesome guest suite apartment at a co-worker's condo building. Just a few blocks from work, its a great way to simulate a move to the area without actually making a move to the area.