Pack It Up

If the past few weeks have been a bit quiet in blog land, it's because (as usual) big, fun news is brewing in Borklandia. As I'm writing this post, the date is still up in the air, but this Friday or Monday, Cary and I will be closing on a condo downtown! That's right folks, we've lived in Seattle for a whole 1 year and 8 months, and are ready to move for a second time. The house hunting process was much different this time around, less freetime to endlessly scour the internet for listings, more of a laser focus on what we wanted (a condo within walking distance to my work, lots of great restaurants nearby, a rooftop garden, and just enough space for our gear). We're super excitied to have found our dream condo, and can't wait to be in it during the daylight long enough to take a few decent pictures, but in the meantime there's lots of goodwilling and cleaning out our current place to be done. I think our realator probably loves us as home buyers (I mean come on, we're super fun and have great taste) but hates us as home sellers.. We pretty much haven't started packing yet, and just can't seem to waste a good sunny weekend inside. This past weekend she thought she had us wrangled for sure, but Cary had a 2 day wilderness first aid class planned already. I'm sure our things will magically collect themselves and head downtown soon :)