Leavenworth, WA

Cary and I enjoyed some much needed outdoor time this weekend (not that I don't love the city, but theres something about being in the mountains all weekend that makes it feel like a mini-cation). We headed out friday night, and did a bit of car camping (like literally sleeping in the car) before a short jaunt up the enchantments trail. Since it was quite "weather-y" (and I'm out of shape) we only did 3 miles on of the 18 mile loop, but I can imagine how awesome it would be in the summer.

Literal car camping my new favorite way to camp, and totally socially acceptable at climbing crags out here. Our new method of packing all the camping/climbing gear in rubbermaid tubs (for a single trip down the elevator) also doubles as head support for sleeping with the seats pushed forward.. so practical!