Stitch Fix

After hearing lots of good things from Pam, I finally signed up for Stitch Fix today. If you haven't heard about it yet, its basically an online personal stylist service that picks out clothes for you once a month. Shipping is free, and if you don't like the clothes you don't have to keep them. I enjoy shopping every now and then, but I'll admit that lately my schedule hasn't allowed for a lot of time to feel stylish. I strongly believe that looking good makes you feel good (no one wants to meet new people and be outgoing when you feel like slob) and especially in an office, feeling like a rockstar usually results in acting like a rockstar.

I selected the outfits above as examples of things I'd like to wear (a little classic/preppy, a little casual chic). There's a bit of a wait for first time customers (July 24th was the first date available for a shipment) but I'm sooo excited to see what my first box contains!