Hyas and Tuck Lakes

Our "instead of Rainier" plans were greatly shaped by the weather throughout Washington this past weekend, lots of rain, some snow, and a few forest fires made most areas a poor choice for a visit. We deciced on a small area of national forest north of Cle Elum that was snow free, fire free, and had only 30-40% chance of rain. If this area sounds familiar, its because we've visited this spot once before for quite the adventure at Sasse Ridge. Our first day of hiking up to Tuck lake was relatively uneventful, as we soaked in gorgeous summer views of the lakes and surrounding valleys. Our second day however, we were confronted with an impassible river crossing, and ended up bushwhacking across the valley to another trail. The group of hikers who happened to be passing through as we rejoined the trail must have been shocked and confused by the four of us bursting out of the shrubbery, out of breath and covered in branches :)