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Kinderdijk, Netherlands

From our home base in Rotterdam, we took a quick jaunt (20 minutes by car + tiny ferry) southeast to the adorable town of Kinderdijk to see windmills from the 1700's still in action. A few of them have been turned into museums that you can walk around, but most are still owned and operated by families in the area.

Paris, France

Lex and Teun surprised us with a day trip to Paris, just 2 hours by train from our home base in Rotterdam, what an amazing city! Cary and I have been a few times before, but never when it was sunny, and never with 2 amazing tour guides who met and fell in love there :) Definitely better to see a city with people who know their way around, and could take us to tiny hidden crepe stands, up to scenic rooftop viewpoints I didn't know existed, and could fearlessly lead us on a velib tour around l'arc de triomphe. I basically felt like we were part of the tour d'france :)

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Day trip up to the city of tiny canals, crooked houses, and delicious cheese. Fun fact: over 14,000 bikes fall in the canals of Amsterdam every year.

Rotterdam, Netherlands

Rotterdam was our homebase for most of our Christmas eurotrip! We arrived 2 days before Christmas, super jetlagged, but ready to explore Rotterdam with our local guide. We enjoyed amazing home cooked meals, saw many swans a-swimming, and Cary fell totally in love with Dutch cuisine after his first bite of bitterballen.