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Little Si, WA

Took an after work jaunt up to Little Si. Super rainy for most of the hike, but things cleared up as we got near the top, and we were able to see the lights from North Bend and 90 nearby.

Mount Dickerman, WA

Supes foggy hike up to Mount Dickerman today. It was a real butt kicker, so the lack of a view was pretty sad, but the meadows full of blueberries mostly made up for it :)

Vesper Lake, WA

Yesterday we hiked up to Vesper Lake. We would usually draw a hike like this out into a backpacking trip (especially with Vesper Peak and some climbing routes nearby) but Cary had to work part of the weekend, so we opted for a day hike version instead. I was blown away by how beautiful this hike was, basically like a compressed version of the enchantments (with mini alpine lakes, mini white granite boulder field, and mini aasgard pass), but closer and slightly shorter to reach. The road is washed out partway to the trailhead, so that's a bit of a bummer, but all in all an awesome hike.

Circumnavigation of Mt. Baker

Took an awesome flight up around Mt. Baker today, super cool to see the summits of Baker and Shuksan up close. LOTS of crevices on the glaciers this time of year, glad to be in the air and not on the snow :)