Yodelin, WA

Solid day of late season skiing today at Yodelin. We were expecting the worst (super heavy cascade concrete) based on conditions for most of the way up, but we found a few small bits of almost powder in the woods near the ridgeline. We usually head down skier's right on front side of the ridge, but today we cut more to the left, and were pleasantly surprised. Lots of little bumps that seemed like snow covered logs/deadfall, so this tour might be a late season or lots of snow only route.

Felt really awesome to get back out in the woods again and take in the cold and the fresh air. The last few weeks have been totally devoted to moving and getting our new place all settled, and Cary and I couldn't stop marveling at how blue the rivers were, and how pretty the mossy trees were... haha I guess a little time away and everything feels new again!