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Font Spotting

1950s-ish storefront signage spotted in downtown Everett

Potential New House

Cary and I have been looking for a house pretty much since the first week we moved to Seattle. We like our current apartment complex well enough, but have realized that you can have a mortgage on a nice house and pay less per month than average rent out here! Owning a home didn't make sense in Columbus, our rent was sooo cheap that the thought of buying never crossed our minds... but rent in the Seattle area is a whole different story. It's not outrageous like I imagine NYC and San Francisco to be, but it's enough to make buying an attractive option.

We've been touring houses every other weekend for a few months now, and have finally found a place we really really love! It's on the edge of downtown Everett, a short bike ride from Cary's work, and within walking distance from the local co-op grocery store, our rock gym, and some great restaurants.
We put in an offer and toured it for the second time this past weekend, mostly so I could take pictures and start d…

Weekend Snapshots

Snow on Mt. Pilchuck, awesome ceilings and hydrangeas in our potential new house, super foggy hike.

Recently In Pictures

View of the Space Needle on my way to work, the Amazon campus all lit up in the morning.

Officially Amazonian

Phewww finally some time tonight to kick back and relax a bit! The past few days have been such a whirlwind starting my new job as a graphic designer for the advertising team at (woot woot!!) I've hardly had time to sit and think, let alone blog about what I'm thinking!

Due to the confidentiality of what goes on at Amazon I can't really describe my job, but in the past few days I've done lots of normal new employee activities. I've met lots of people (and forgotten most of their names), successfully located the secretive cafeterias, and learned more than I ever thought possible about the history, policies, and peculiarities of Amazon.

Becoming a Better Bus Rider

The first morning I took the bus to work (Wednesday) Cary and I did not have our morning act together. We were super slow coordinating between the two of us while getting ready, too chatty while eating, and took our time heading to the bus stop. As a result, I missed the bus I was hoping to take, the stop got super crowded, and I ended up standing for the entire hour and a half commute (the later you leave, the worse the traffic gets). Lesson learned! This morning, we tried our best to be super speedy, and got there half an hour earlier than before. I made an early bus, found a seat without difficulty, and was walking into work 40 minutes later!

Recently In Pictures

New unlimited free rides ORCA card for work (basically a key to the city), and my favorite all weather boots.

Hacking Tumblr for Wedding Websites

As I previously mentioned, I've been helping a friend with a bit of wedding planning recently. Soooo much fun! We're working on the website this week, and it feels so good to teach her about all the neat little blog hacks and free web tools out there that made my wedding planning go so smoothly. I amassed all this random wedding and planning knowledge, used it for one big event, and will never need it again. It feels pretty awesome to have it put to good use.

The only slight difficulty in sharing my super-cool, high-tech wedding skills is that this friend and I met through work in Columbus, and therefore, she lives in Ohio. I've had to get a bit creative to bridge the distance gap, and have started making her "screenshot tutorials", step by step instructions on how to create the site and add neat features (like an online RSVP collector that automatically feeds into an excel sheet, ooOOoo). The two I've made for her so far are super rough and quick, just to g…

Weekend Snapshots

Massive downtown rock gym, flagship store, adventurous door pulls, pumpkin french toast.

Puppy Love

I've been experiencing quite a bit of puppy love lately, and by that I mean the literal use of the phrase: loving puppies. I know it impractical: we travel a lot, we're both busy, and we live in a small apartment. But they're so cute!! And I've heard that people who have dogs live longer, so it'd basically be an investment in our health and future. Here's my wish list of current favorite breeds:

1. Shiba Inu: way too much shedding, but the cutest dog alive
2. Basenji: originally used for lion hunting, these guys are great adventure companions and barely shed
3. Doberman Pinscher: large, intimidating, and loyal, this is a great dog for a woman walking alone
4. Wire Fox Terrier: small but able to run and hike, not a huge shedder

Words For Today

Feeling a little sicky these past few days, suppose I should adjust my sails to make the most of it. Staying in bed drinking tea is totally spa-like, right?

Music Mix No. 8

For some reason, I don't listen to a ton of lady music (and by lady music, I mean music made by ladies). Maybe there are less women musicians? That's probably not true at all, I think I've just been really unfair in my list making. To make up for the lacking lady-ness, here's a collection of awesome peppy lady tunes! Hi-yaa!

1. Robyn // Cardiac Arrest
2. Marina and The Diamonds // Primadonna
3. Kate Nash // Merry Happy
4. Florence + The Machine // Cosmic Love
5. Eliza Doolittle // Skinny Genes
6. La Roux // In For The Kill
7. Ellie Goulding // Lights
8. Regina Spektor // Hotel Song

Click here to listen.


I've been seeing a lot of cool collaging roll through my pinterest feed lately (like this, this, and this), and finally decided to give it a shot today. It's a very rough first attempt, but its super fun making vectors and picking out pictures to fill them, almost like an advanced version of paint by number!

Weekend Snapshots

Breakfast crepe, a peanut butter hot cake,yam beer, and cast-iron bacon. (It rained. We ate a lot.)

Rainy Day Tea

Is it just me, or do you find yourself feeling a bit under the weather every time the weather changes? At least now that it's cold I can drink lots of hot tea! My favorite is a loose tea called Paris from Harney & Sons. We first tasted it at a little teahouse down the road from our apartment in Columbus, and were excited to learn that they sold whole tins of it right in the shop! It smells absolutely delicious (like vanilla, roses, and classiness) so I love just opening the tin up and wafting before I brew a cup.

Music Mix No. 7

What is it about folk music that sounds so fall-like? Banjo and slightly twangy vocals always make me think of brisk evenings and crunching leaves. Maybe its the Americana factor? Fall is definitely the most homey of the seasons for me (did you know pumpkins and pumpkin pie are native to north america?)

1. Old Crow Medicine Show // We're All In This Together
2. Horse Feathers // Drain You
3. Frontier Ruckus // Dark Autumn Hour
4. John Mayer // Queen of California

Click here to listen.

Baby's Breath

I'm gearing up to help a friend plan her wedding this weekend, suuuuper exciting! It's in May, so she has quite a bit of time left, but is beginning to think about save the dates, which means she might as well have the overall look planned out. I think it's so nice to have a matching invitation suite (save the dates, invites, rsvps, name cards, etc) possibly just because I'm a graphics person and wedding things are soooo much fun, but it certainly gives it a more put-together feel.

For inspiration, I've been looking though some old wedding planning photos of mine (ha, old, it was literally like 4 months ago) and found these baby's breath boutonnieres and bouquets. We ended up going with a much brighter palette (wildflowers and things from my mom's garden) but aren't these little guys cute?

If I Were A: Lumberjack

If I were a Lumberjack, these would be my things: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4

Words For Today

I'm in full-on fall mode today, skies are grey and it's seriously brisk out there! Since it never gets super cold in Seattle, our house doesn't have central heating. Instead there are little wall heaters for each room, and a fireplace on the main floor. I don't have the heart to start turning on the heaters yet, we're saving so much electricity (and dollars), but it has been getting a bit chilly indoors this week. Good thing I've got an army of sweaters and wool socks to keep me toasty!

Song Obsession No. 4

Looking for something ambient and relaxing, but not quite sleepy? This tune offers just that. Perfect for waking up and getting to work in a delightfully non-jarring manner, even if it's grey and slightly rainy out (aka perfect for hitting the snooze and going back to sleep for a few hours).

Tycho // Costal Brake

Office Supplies

I love writing utensils, and also making drawings of writing utensils with writing utensils.

Wooden Kitchen

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6
I loooove minimalist wooden kitchen items. Simple, clean, functional, homey... could it get any better?

Desert Light

Lighting in the desert is ultra warm and intense, especially around sundown. It's so fantastic for coloring in pictures, it practically looks instagrammed. Also, I only know how to spell desert because double "s" is for sweet stuff (dessert).

Weekend Snapshots

The gorge at Vantage, squeezing through a gully to sunshine wall, view down to the river, and the feathers.

Bark Love

So I'm pretty sure bark is one of the coolest things around.

Song Obsession No. 3

Ahhhh this song is so jubilant and delightful! There used to be an even better live version of this from Coachella, but it was taken down from youtube. This is a close second though :)

Andrew Bird // Danse Caribe

Last Bits of Summer

Thanks to some absolutely perfect weather these past few weeks (sixty and sunny every day!) I've noticed lots of flowers and summery things still hanging around.

Interview Ready

Fresh new portfolios hot off the press!

If I Were A: Wizard

If I were a Wizard, these would be my things: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4

Music Mix No. 6

The first song on this mix has been playing on the radio a bunch this past month, which I find extremely appropriate for our move to Seattle. It's become a bit of an anthem for me, and seems to come on at just the right time (driving from the airport the day we got here was the first time I heard it). As things are settling in a bit more, and the fist inklings of feeling at "home" are beginning, I wanted to make a collection of all the "home" songs I've liked in the past.

1. Phillip Phillips // Home
2. Scissor Sisters // Baby Come Home To Me
3. Barenaked Ladies // Go Home
4. John Mayer // Home Life
5. Michael Bublé // Home
6. Eddie Money // Take Me Home Tonight
7. Band of Horses // On My Way Back Home

Click here to listen.

Song Obsession No. 2

In the usual KEXP style, this is a super acoustic version (non-live has even more oomph). Even totally raw and un-edited, she has the most unbelievable voice!!

Florence And The Machine // Cosmic Love

Illustration Over Time

Working on updating my portfolio today (hoorrayyyy interviews) and in the process, I spent some time updating an old self-illustration concept. I can't believe how much my illustration style has changed over time!

Phonetic Alphabet: B

B is for Bravo. Like this congratulatory thumbs up, bravo! 

Song Obsession No. 1

This song is so unique (when I heard it live I was pretty sure it was 2 songs) with very distinct sections, great build up, and a fantastic finale. Things start movin right around the 4 minute mark (yep its a long one) and I find myself turning up the volume a few clicks every minute after that.

Old Hundred // Holy Ghost Club

Monthly Mission: October

It's bad folks. Real bad. As you can see from my attempted sample, I havent written in cursive in soooooo long. As a kid and a student, cursive is silly. It takes too long, it's hard to read, and why not just type it? However, as a graphic designer, cursive is gorgeous! I know there are cursive fonts available, but theres nothing quite like a custom, irregularly hand lettered word. It's going to be a struggle, but if I can get the cursive groove back, think of all the fabulous invitations and stationary I can make! I feel sophisticated already.

Weekend Snapshots

Beginnings of a scarf, house hunting in Everett, pre-tomato soup, and freshly thrifted stripes.