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Oodles of Boots

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Boots are the best ever. They're great in rain (which happens a lot), great in cold weather (which is happening a lot more as december is rapidly approaching), and make for an easy (groggy morning) uniform. Leggings + dress + boots + top knot = acceptable workwear in 15 minutes! I wear boots every single day (in fact, I wear the same pair of boots everyday) and can't help but dream about all the awesome boots out there right now.

Two Threes

Somebody just couldn't make up their mind

Stay Shotgun

Looking for something fast paced that you can rock out to and get loads of work done? Here's your jam(s). I listened to these on repeat for about 3 hours yesterday as I powered through 2 Kindle campaigns.

Walk The Moon // Next In Line
Tegan and Sara // Closer
Mat Kearney // Ships In The Night

Delightful Details No. 5

Art in the walls.
(South Lake Union)

Mt. Baker Recon

Cary and I headed up to Mt. Baker on our way back from Vancouver to do a little investigating of the ski area. We discovered it's a real life winter wonderland out there.

Deep Fried Thanksgiving

Our thanksgiving in Vancouver was a bit extra special thanks to the HTTLA (high tension turkey lowering apparatus / volleyball net rigged with cable and pulley system instead of a net) and Ed's newly acquired deep fat fryer. The result was surprisingly not as greasy as you'd expect, just super juicy with a crispy outer layer, yum!


I'm thankful for wonderful loved ones (old and new).

Best Bus Rider

Enjoyed an empty bus on the ride home today, thank you thanksgiving!!

Snap Clap Pop

Put some pep in your step. This song makes me want to snap my fingers, clap my hands, and shake my head in a crazy pop trance.

Imagine Dragons // On Top of the World

Delightful Details No. 4

Circle meets square.
(Downtown Seattle Honda)

Everett Thrifting

A few weeks after moving to Washington I checked out the local goodwill, with decent results. Not as awesome as the V.O.A. in Columbus, but I was able to find a few dresses that would be cool with minor alterations (aka: throw a belt on it!)
Today however, I stumbled upon my new thrifting mecca. Located in the heart of downtown Everett, just a few blocks from our climbing gym (and potential new house) is a consignment & resale store called Refresh. Not everything in the store is great (in fact its pretty hit or miss) buuttt i found a few absolute gems, including a vintage Coach shoulder bag! For months I've been super into the "legacy line" that Coach is running, how exciting to find one of the pieces that inspired the current collection, for a fraction of the price!

Delightful Details No. 3

Concrete pizzaz.
(South Lake Union)

Slow Jam

Heres a great tune for a lazy afternoon/evening as you relax and alllmost fall asleep (like I totally didn't just do as I was writing this post). It doesn't get much smoother than Hall & Oates

Daryl Hall & John Oates // She's Gone (live)

Delightful Detail No. 2

Unexpected elegance.
(Seattle Times Warehouse, South Lake Union)

Delightful Detail No. 1

Tiny golden fleet
(Port of Everett)

Jacket Weather

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There's some serious nip in the air this week, and I've got jackets on the brain.

Roasted Yams & Marshmallow Creme

Cary and I loooove the baked yams from the current menu at Skillet Diner, the'yre so sweet and delicious, its basically pumpkin pie you can eat before dessert. When we were invited to a "friendsgiving" potluck this past weekend, we knew it was a perfect time to attempt this restaurant fave at home.

After some serious recipe googling, I decided on a combo of these three:
Roasted Sweet Potatoes
Maple-Roasted Sweet Potatoes
Homemade Marshmallow Creme

Font Spotting

I'm loving those super round "R"s.

Song for a Triumphant Day

For no particular reason, I'm feeling very triumphant today. I've gotten so adjusted to my new commuter lifestyle, I'm basically a bus ninja. After a few rough times standing for the whole ride home, I've discovered the best times to ride, and have been handsomely rewarded with a bench to myself. Every time this happens I play this song in my head (specifically the bit 4 minutes and 30 seconds in) and do a little (invisible) victory dance.
Styx // Come Sail Away

Spring Rolls

Tonight Cary attempted to make tofu spring rolls from a Sunset Magazine recipe. As I'm not really a tofu fan, or a shiitake mushroom fan, they were... interesting.

Font Spotting

1950s-ish storefront signage spotted in downtown Everett

Weekend Snapshots

A pretty puddle downtown, and a rain free weekend in Vantage.

If I Were A: Secret Agent

If I were a Secret Agent, these would be my things: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4

Fallen Leaves and Phantoms

Love all the weird patterns on the sidewalk the leaves and rain have been making.