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Honeysuckle Mystery

So now that it's daytime, and theres enough light to fully investigate (and not just use my sniffer), I noticed that our honeysuckle is really a small bushy thing, and has berries on it! How weird! All the east coast honeysuckles I've seen before are stringy, sparse looking plants, and I've certainly never seen berries on them! So perhaps this is not a honeysuckle (really, I was just going on the smell and small trumpet looking flowers). Any thoughts on what it could be?

Brews Almighty

Stopped in to check out "Brews Almighty" today, a neat little store in Everett that does growler (and growlette) fills of local beer, what a cool concept! The staff was super nice, and let me try a bunch of tiny samples before I picked anything (kind of like sampling at Jeni's, but for beers, hoorahhh). I got a growlette full of Lazy Boy Double Trouble IPA, and filled the Great Lakes 2 liter growler with a mix of half Ace Berry Cider and half Ace Joker Cider. Hopefully Cary won't feel like its sacrilegious to put cider in a Great Lakes growler, buuttt he wasn't there to taste anything, and 2 liters is a lot of IPA to drink up if he doesn't like it.

PS: Yes, our fridge really is that empty. It's super sad. We should probably buy some groceries soon.

Getting to Know Our Garden

Any ideas on what this beautiful green shrub is?

Wild Honeysuckles

There are wild honeysuckles blooming in our yard right now! I know this because they smell just like the Bath & Body Works lotionI have, and look vaguely like the picture on the label :)

Thrifted Wristlet

I've needed a new wallet for quite some time now. Lex and I got our matching vera bradley wristlets a few christmases back (ok more than a few) when I had just started college. She's since been through at least 2 new wallets, while mine... is still hanging in there. Literally hanging. Because its a wristlet. It's super ratty though (as I'm sure you can imagine) and I've been meaning to replace it, I just couldn't seem to find one that met all my wallet needs (standard card slots + a wrist strap, room for chapstick, and a place to attach my keys). I say couldn't, because today I finally found a replacement!! Wooot!! It's not perfect (not my favorite color ever), but it meets all my wallet checklist items, aaaand it's leather (bonus!), and it was $2 (thank yoouuu goodwill)!!

Getting to Know Our Garden

There are so many things in our garden. I have no idea what they are... but they're pretty! Any ideas on what this spiky thing with pink flowers is?


I'm not sure if you're aware, but I loooovee stamps. In honor of the new house (because its so lovely and iconically beautiful) I had these buddies made by a local Everett shop.

Made in Denmark

This week we finally bought a dresser, wooooooot! I'm so excited not to have piles of boxes full of piles of clothes surrounding our bed anymore. It was a great find, after weeks of scouring through terribly ugly and terribly overpriced listings on craigslist.... solid wood, danish styling, and for only $250!

Also, during one of my weekly goodwill trips (which are so much more fun now that I have a home to cost-efficiently fill) I found this set of danish candlesticks. How do I know they're Danish? Because my minimalist product designer senses were tingling as I first spotted them (aaaand there's a "made in denmark" sticker on the bottom).

Clutter Control

Slowly but surely, our house is coming together! I'm sad to say there are are still a few boxes to unpack, but as the weekend comes to a close, they've all been contained to the "office room" (aka massive amount of books, design supplies, and unorganized things left over from school).

Lava Cakes

Last night, Peggy and I made lava cakes from this recipe. Except we had no peanut butter, so we quadrupled the rest of the recipe. And put them in mason jars. They were amaze-balls.

*please excuse the less than awesome photo quality, I was absolutely dying to take good pictures of these (they looked SOO decadent in person) but we're currently experiencing an SD card shortage in our house.... long story short, these are from my phone

Ray LaMontange

Im pretty sure this guy and this album have been on the scene for quite a while, so this is by no means "fresh". But. It's new to me, and thats all that really matters. If you're in the mood for something mellow and relaxing, this certainly fits the bill. The whole album is fantastic, but here are a few of my favorites:

Be Here Now // Ray LaMontagne
Empty // Ray LaMontagne
You Can Bring Me Flowers // Ray LaMontagne

Whistler Weekend

Last weekend we took a break from unboxing / homeowner duties and headed up to Whistler. It was nice to be outside (yayy sun!) and I was absolutely blown away with how beautiful it is up there! I can't believe that such an amazing ski location is just 4 hours from us, especially when we would have to drive that same distance from Columbus to get to any skiing.

Christmas Travels: NY

We arrived in Rochester just after the first big snow :)

Christmas Travels: FL

Finally got my computer back from the shop tonight, hoorahh!! Time for a barrage of (long overdue) images from our christmas travels. We split our time between Florida, Washington DC, Delaware, and New York during our week off, but somehow I forgot to take pictures in half the places we visited. Distracted by too much family fun time I suppose :)

Florida was full of sunshine, time at the beach, and cute frogs. Yay!

Sofa Situation

In light of the recent move (which I will totally post photos of as soon as my laptop is out of the shop and ready for photo uploads), there is some serious wishlisting going on in the bork household right now. First priority? A sofa that actually fits our real-house-sized living room. No offense to our $300 IKEA loveseat, but its time for something that comfortably fits 2 adult humans trying to watch a movie.

Arden / Topanga / Blakeley / Wells / Hess

On The Move

We got the key to the house last night, move in has officially begun!!