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So Much Snow

Another awesome ski weekend this weekend, Mt. Baker has theee most snow I've ever seen.

Words For Today

Lofty but true.

Shedding Light

Our box-beam ceiling is so gorgeous, and is one of the big reasons I fell in love with our home the moment we walked in. But.... this crazy unique ceiling means that we have no overhead lights anywhere in our main living room / dining room area. Aka our house on the whole is suuuper dark. We've been looking for some alternative lighting options, but they'll have to live up to the standard of awesomeness set by the ceilings.

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The Travel Bug

One of my favorite things about living in Seattle (well Everett, but same diff) is how many amazing weekend mini-cations we've been able to take to places around Washington. The landscape around here is so diverse, we can spend one weekend at the beach, the next in the mountains, and the next in the desert... all without driving more than 3 hours from our house. That being said, we both loooove international travel, and are lucky enough to have 2 stable jobs right now, aka its time we took another crazy awesome trip!!

After visiting me in Germany during my study abroad, Cary vowed we would travel someplace other than Europe next time we took a big trip. And then we honeymooned in Italy/Greece, and Cary really really vowed that we would travel someplace other than Europe next time we took a big trip. Well the time has come, and Cary finally has his wish... this April we're headed down to Ecuador to visit Irene in Quito!!! Wooooot!!!


This weekend we have our first official (out-of-town) "new-house house-guests" coming to stay, and I felt it was the perfect time to try my hand at making some lovely smelling arrangements from the garden. I say lovely smelling because that's really their strong suit... my visual arrangement skills need some practice, and some actual blooms to work with. I am quite pleased with my 79¢ white ceramic vase purchase from Goodwill today though!

Valentines & Crows

This Valentine's day Cary wouldn't say anything about plans ahead of time... which meant he either had none, or was cooking up a little surprise. It turned out to be the latter, and I was blindfolded as I entered our delicious smelling house. We had homemade Beecher's Mac & Cheese and delicious wine from the local shop around the corner, followed by heaping bowls of Graeters (raspberry chocolate-chip and chocolate chocolate-chip of course), yummmm!!

We finished off our evening by watching a super neat nature special on crows (who are apparently much more intelligent/interesting than you'd think). Not exactly your typical valentine's flick, but we really enjoyed it :)

Colorado Mini-vacation

Well it seems like all we do this time of year is ski!! This time we flew to Copper Mountain, Colorado for a mini-vacation / meet up with some OSU design kids. The snow was great, but the company was even better :)

Winter Rays

This weekend we enjoyed some much needed sunshine at Stevens Pass. Conditions were a bit icier than usual from all the melting and refreezing, but it was totally worth it. I may have even gotten a tiny bit sunburned, woot!!