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Meditation Music at Work

Music is a total mood changer for me, happy dance-y music gets me energized on grey days, and slow tunes keep me calm when life is moving quickly. When things get crazy busy at work I find that music is hugely helpful in controlling my stress level. My go to for this week (which has been deemed "Rogue City: Week 2" due to its level of wildly rogue and time consuming projects)?

Meditation Music Masters // Vipassana Meditation

Rest Day

This week our climbing gym was having a clearance sale on all climbing clothes in the gear shop, so I bought this awesome shirt (for 70% off!!). Today is most definitely a rest day. Well tonight is a rest day, but you know what I mean. We feasted on leftover BBQ (from a lil BBQ shindig we hosted last night), watched the sunset from our porch, and watched Star Trek. Yayyy resting!

Figure Sketches

Some quick figure poses with fakey photoshop brushes wanting to be charcoal. Mannn, charcoal has so much more character than digital interpretations, but its so messy!!

Amazon Original Pilots

After a few hush hush weeks of hearing about this awesome new Amazon project, it's finally live, aka I can talk about it! Have you heard that Amazon is producing its own original TV content? And that they're using customer reviews to determine which shows are funny and actually worth producing? They started by crowd sourcing tons of scripts a while back, then narrowed it down to 14 shows to air pilot episodes. Eventually they'll narrow it down again (based on customer reviews), and actually produce a few of the shows.

Some are pretty terrible (Cary kinda liked the Zombieland one, but I thought it was bleh), some have potential (Dark Minions has a weird pilot, but would be great once its full claymation), and some are so bad they're awesome (Supa Natural... sci-fi divas saving the world. Need I say more?). Check em out and rate your favorites!


We took advantage of the sun this weekend with a huge group climbing trip to Vantage. Blueberry bushes will just have to wait a bit longer :)

Back to the Ushe

Less than a week since our big trip and were already back to our routine (which is a super fun routine, no complaining here). My sunburn has almost completely peeled off (gross) and it feels like ages ago that we were sitting on the center patio enjoying pilsners and empanadas.

Being away from home for a bit certainly gives you a fresh perspective on things when you get back... like all the home improvement projects we're halfway through and should probably finish. Cary and I are both easily excited to start fun new things (like planting blueberries in our front yard!) but just as easily distracted by other fun things (like climbing trips to Vantage!). Hopefully with all the forecasted sunshine in the next few weeks we'll be able to wrap up our front yard redo. Or at least have a really good time being distracted by other things outside :)

Ecuador - Day 5

The second day of our mountain biking excursion was based around the Chimborazo Volcano. We did a bit of hiking before we set off on our bike adventure this day, up to the Whymper Hut base camp (used by mountaineers sleeping before the summit push), and were pleasantly surprised to find that although we climbed to just under 16,400 ft, we were appropriately acclimated and experienced no altitude sickness.

It was fantastic to see wild Vicuña (small llama/alpaca type animals) all around us as we descended by bike. I even took a short video in hopes of capturing the natural beauty all around us. It was basically like being in a NOVA special :)

Ecuador - Day 4

On our fourth day in Ecuador we left Quito and headed south for a 2 day mountain biking excursionnear theCotopaxi Volcano. For this part of our journey, pictures are certainly worth 1,000 words :)

Ecuador - Day 3

On our third day in Ecuador, Cary and I ventured out on our own for a day of hiking on the Pichinchua Volcano. Although it was "just a day hike" in the "hills" surrounding Quito, we gained 2,000 ft in elevation, ending at just over 15,000 ft. (for reference, Mt. Rainier is the tallest peak in the contiguous US at just under 14,500 ft. tall)

It was a gorgeous hike with incredible views of the city and surrounding hills, but as we got close to the top, we experienced our first encounters with altitude sickness (severe dizziness, headaches, and nausea) and had to turn back just before the summit. It was certainly a learning experience for us, and gave us huge respect for mountaineers who do serious summits at higher altitudes with much heavier packs.

Ecuador - Day 2

We started our second day with a tour of Quito's historic old town. Famous for its colonial spanish architecture, this part of this city is a UNESCO world heritage site, and super charming to walk through. The highlight of the day was certainly the bell tower climb at the Basílica del Voto Nacional, which included a very sketchy wooden walkway above the ceiling of the cathedral, and incredible views at the top.

For the second half of the day we joined Irene in her classes, and got to be a part of the English lesson for the day (verb conjugations with "he" and "she"). Cary was an instant favorite due to his height and ability to turn kids upside down :)

Ecuador - Day 1

Our journey to Ecuador was long but delightfully uncomplicated / uneventful. We departed Seattle at 9pm west coast time, landed in Miami the next morning around 5am east coast time (to spend a few hours with the Borks), and finally arrived in Quito around 6pm central time. Needless to say we were pooped, and didn't do much but sleep that first night. Luckily we got a solid night of rest, and were ready to go for a much more eventful second day of our trip.

After touring the CMT center where Irene lives (and we were staying), and saying hello to at least 60 adorable kids, Irene and a (native speaking) center worker led us on "house visits" to homes of local center families. The CMT center is big on family connection, and likes to stay in touch with parents who've been lacking in involvement from time to time. It was amazing how welcoming the families were, even though many lived in tiny one room houses, and Cary and I are atrocious at Spanish. There was lots of smili…