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Cedar Composter - Day 2

It's alive!!!!! After lots of drilling and sawing noises downstairs, the compost bin is complete and happily getting settled into its natural habitat (our side-yard). Please forgive the slightly blurry/dark photos, I was too excited to wait until daytime/it stopped raining.

Bed and Ceiling Montage

Dear World.
I'm still sick. And sick of laying in bed all the time. This is what I looked at all day. Boo.

Song Obsession No. 5

Its been SOOOO LONGGGG since I've posted a song obsession!! I'd almost forgotten about them when this abosulte beaut came along. HOooooly cow its so good. I'm pretty sure I've listened to it like 80 times already since I discovered it. Which was today.

So dance-y, so peppy... strings, whistling, and just a tease of celtic beats!!
Andrew Bird // Orpheo Looks Back

Goodbye Curtains

My contribution to the home improvement efforts (and keep in mind, I'm sick, so quite limited in my heavy lifting  and general stamina abilities) was the removal of all the curtains left over from the previous owner, hooorahhh! Not sure why it took us so long, it really wasn't a big task. Maybe I thought we'd have to put new curtains up right away? Luckily, the windows all have mini-blinds installed already, and the big white frames look great on their own.

It lets in just a bit more light, but makes it feel less like a cave. We'll have to see if it wakes up too early in the morning, but we may end up going curtain-less forever!

Plaster Walls

Cary knew when we bought this house that it was old, and that like most old houses, we have plaster walls. But I don't think Cary truly knew what having plaster walls meant, until he tried to hang paintings this weekend. I walked in to find a frustrated Cary hammering furiously at a painting hook, the nail bending more and more, but not budging one bit into the wall... I couldn't help but laugh. "Do you know something I don't know?" he asked. Uhmmm, we have plaster walls.

Luckily Cary is a resourceful guy, and figured out a way to drill a pilot hole (which ended up being more of a real hole, large enough for the whole nail) that could support the picture hook. Ta-da!! Our picture fames (still empty) that we bought in January are finally hung!

Cedar Composter - Day 1

Since I was sick in bed, and Cary was rapidly spiraling into the land of SOOO BORED, the long weekend became the prefect time for heavy-duty craftiness and home improvement projects.

After discovering the super neat selection of hipster products available in the Agrarian section of Williams-Sonoma (love all thesethings) Cary decided we should have one of the Farmer D Cedar Composters. He also decided that $500 was way too expensive, and that he was going to build it himself. Never mind the fact that added up, the cost of Cary's labor, materials, a circular saw, etc. etc. would be wayyyy more than $500, as long as he thought it sounded fun!

So far, Cary built two-thirds of the bin, realized it wouldn't fit out the basement door, disassembled half of it, and carried it outside to finish. Quite exciting stuff!

Destination: Sick In Bed

I kind of ruined our fun long-weekend plans by getting super sick on Thursday, and sleeping 16 hours a day the rest of the time. It ended up raining most of the weekend in the destinations we would have headed to though (and we would have been camping), so maybe we dodged a bullet there?

Memorial Day Weekend Plans

Since Cary and I are super last minute people, we just got around to figuring out our holiday weekend plans (and I mean just as in seriously just, like tonight after dinner). It took us quite some time to narrow down which cool destination to use our 3 day weekend on (somewhere driveable, but a bit farther than we can go in a usual weekend). By the time we got around to actually looking at lodging, everything was booked. Duh. I started to panic (and mope a bit) but Cary came to my rescue, and is now planning a "romantic surprise weekend" for the two of us, yayyy!!! Can't wait to see what adventures we have in store!


Problem solved. Yayyyy outlets 15 minutes from our house!! I found some really awesome shirts at the J.Crew outlet today, and for even cheaper than shown online, woot woot.

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5

So Many Clothes, Nothing to Wear

Its official, I have nothing to wear. Boot and winter coat weather is gone for gone for good, but shorts and tees time is not yet here. We seem to be stuck in this odd season that doesn't exist in the Midwest or Rochester... I'm pretty sure it's called Spring. It involves a lot of mornings cold enough for a windbreaker, but afternoons just a bit too hot for pants. I think this is when people actually wear those long sleeve shirts and light sweaters that always seemed to hot or too cold in Ohio!!

Lets Ride

Cary and I took advantage of the sun earlier this weekend by busting out the motocycle.  Maybe it's because it reminds me of riding scooters around Bermuda,  but its always amazing how a simple ride over to a friend's house can feel like a mini-vacation when you're zipping along in the sun.

New Bedside Table

Found this beaut at the Everett Goodwill yesterday, scoooore!!! It needs some serious work (sanding, refinishing, etc, etc) but guess what? It's solid wood!! With solid wood and dovetail construction, all things are possible.

Evening Glow

Love this light. Greenest greens and bluest blues. (North View Park, Everett)

Sunset Hangout

Cary and I got off work a bit earlier than usual today, and decided to take a little bike ride around town. We cruised up our street and along the marina, just in time to catch some rays along the Everett waterfront.

A Fresh Look

I wear glasses pretty much every day as of late. I didn't used to, but working in photoshop all day, staring at a computer for 9 consecutive hours, leads to tired eyes and dry contacts. Boo. Glasses are so cute, aaand comfy for my eyes, they're a total win-win! I do feel like wearing the same pair can get a little old after a bit though. I wouldn't wear the same shirt every day for 9 months, why should I wear the same glasses? I've tried switching it up a bit with my Ray-Bans from a few years back (my first really cool glasses and the beginning of my glasses kick) but mostly I turn to my super big (aka I can see so much more) Honeybadgers from BonLook.

It's been a while since I've gotten a fresh pair of specs, and I'm getting the itch. I really liked the whole BonLook process (good selection of frames online, decently cheap, shipped to your door) and would like to buy something from their newer collections. Any thoughts on what would look most awesome?



So this past weekend Cary and I enjoyed a lovely "couples brunch" at Bastille in Ballard, fab-u-lous!! The food was amazing (I treated myself to some baklava stuffed french toast) but my favorite part of our meal was realizing that the other girl loved the idea of party planning as much I do. In fact, both of us have secretly contemplated how amazing it would be to renew vows (after one year? ha) just so we could plan a wedding all over again. Haaaaa! We resolved to start planning parties together, because obviously you don't need to be getting married to gather all your friends for some delightful food and drinks :)

Flowers In The Rain

We've had almost 2 straight weeks of sunshine, glooooorious!! Today's rain was almost a nice switch though, rainy days make it feel totally ok to curl up on the couch and relax... or go outside and take pictures of the cool raindrops on flowers.

Busy At Work

Dear World,
I've been very busy at work lately (since April 30th really). I haven't had time to blog, or climb, or do much of anything fun really... it's kind of the poops. We've gotten to travel a teeny bit, but even that created some ├╝ber stress before and after the trip. After working super hard (50 hours a week, yikes) for a few weeks now, I'm starting to feel a bit burnt out. Being active and being creative outside of work really recharges me, and makes me a better worker when I am actually at work. I've decided it's time to make time for things I like, and hope that even if it doesn't make me a more efficient worker, at least I'll be super happy :)

Happy Mother's Day

Isn't my mom adorable? :)

Weekend Snaps

2 favorite moments from our mini-cation: Jenis with my boys and Old Hundred live!

Thoughts On Our Move

It sounds a little silly, but on our way back to Ohio I was nervous of what "going back" would be like. Lots of big questions raced through my mind... What if I decided that Ohio was better? What if I felt like we never should have moved? Would all the food be as good as I remembered? Would I feel so at home I wouldn't want to leave? The whole time we were in Ohio, I couldn't help but compare our time (representing our old life in Ohio) to our current life in Seattle. In typical Kelly fashion, I felt like making a list:

Good ice cream
Close to family

Interesting landscape (the sound, the mountains, the desert)
Ferry boat rides
Skiing (sorry Ohio, Snow Trails does not count as skiing)
More climbing (closer to outdoor walls / more spots to climb)
No humidity
No poison ivy
Less misquotes
Less pollen

Delicious sweet potato fries
Skillet (WA) vs. Skillet (OH)

It's pretty clear to me now (post-visit & post-list) that Seattle is …

Packing Perfection

Final prep for our Ohio trip is under way, and since its such a short trip (really just a long weekend) I went all out with my packing preparedness obsession. Check out how amazingly coordinated this suitcase (and my outfits) will be!

To Ohio

With all the hustle and bustle surrounding our trip planning for Ecuador, I totally forgot how rapidly our trip to Ohio was approaching! We'll be heading back for a good friend's wedding, but also enjoying a bit of time with our favorite Ohio people, doing our favorite Ohio things, and eating our favorite Ohio foods. SOOOO EXCITED!! I want to jig around to this song all day.

Top spots to hit up in Columbus:

Second Chance Consignment: to score a super deal (or two!)
Tigertree: for a bit of trendy high street shopping
Graeters: to fulfill my chocolatey ice cream fix
Jenisto fulfill my every other flavor ice cream fix
Vino Vino: for the most decadent mushroom ravioli in the world
Commonwealth: to fill up on Cary's favorite meaty sandwiches, and catch some rays on the patio
Northstar: oh my goodness, chicken avocado sandwich
Kobo: to catch some Old Hundred, live!

Ok these are almost all food... but you know how we roll (literally, we're going to be rolling out of these places).

Front Yard Update

Not sure how many of you are twitter followers as well as blog readers, but a while back I mentioned that Cary was in the process of ripping out all the thorny bushes in the front yard in hopes of making room for blueberry bushes...

Well its been just over a month since we started "the update" and we're about as far as we're going to get this year. Blueberries were researched, purchased, and planted. They're a little tiny right now but will grow to be 3 foot high bushes and fill in that whole row. We also added a row of heather bushes that should fill in nicely and add year round color. All the empty dirt is secretly not empty dirt, but a wildflower meadow waiting to happen! We bought a variety of seed packets at our local nursery, scattered them all over the empty dirt areas, and can't wait to see what actually grows.

Veggie Delight

The most exciting thing in our garden in my opinion? RHUBARB. OH YES. We have 5 separate areas of it growing at them moment, meaning I'm going to make like 50 rhub-apple pies later this summer. Yummmmm! The most exciting thing according to Cary? Spinach. Because he's healthy and lame...  :)

Spring Has Sprung

Chatting with Nana the other day about our yard updates, I realized I haven't posted anything garden related now that spring is here and blooms are in full swing! These are just a few tidbits from a yard that is sooo full of color at the moment! Its all very packed together in our not so big yard, and hard to capture in awesome photos, but imagine this times like 500.