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Take Me Out

Tonight our monthly ladies night hang out took place the Mariner's game, hey baseball! It's been forever since I've been to a game. I forgot lots of rules..

Spada Reservoir

Attempted to hike to Greider Lakes today, but due to a road closure and an overgrown trail we ended up just hiking along the old road that wraps around the Spada Reservoir. It wasn't a particularly challenging hike, but the views were magical from the moment we pulled into the parking lot.

We Bought A Boat

Cary and I went to the farmers market yesterday morning, and ended up buying a boat! We didn't intend to buy a boat, but the farmers market is right on the water, which is right next to the marine supply store, and a marine supply store is basically like a hardware store meets an outdoor store (aka Cary-heaven) so we had to check it out. Wham-bam, 20 minutes later we walked out with a boat, some paddles and some life vests. I didn't know we were going to embark on our maiden voyage that afternoon (or I would have brought a camera), but the boat buying was just so exciting we had to try it out right away!

Happy Father's Day

He's such a cool cat

Mt. Pilchuck

Lovely lady for a hike today! The views from the top of Pilchuck were uh-mazing (Rainier in one direction, Baker in the other), and glissading back down the snowy top-half of the hike was soooo fun!


A while back the guys brewed up a batch of amber ale, let it ferment, and then bottled it. Tonight was the first night of tasting, and although its a bit early for full carbonation (that will happen hopefully sometime next week) the flavor was fantastic! Crisp, refreshing, with just a hint of citrus. I'm super impressed!

Gorilla Wishes

Check out this awesome card I made for my sister's birthday. Champion copywriting courtesy of Sir Carrington.

Movie Marathon

Earlier this week I watched "Clueless" while riding the bus to work. I thought it would be weird to watch a movie spread out over a few sittings, but instead I've gotten myself into a massive (albiet segmented) feel-good movie marathon. They're so much fun!! Here are a few faves I've got in the queue.

If you're signed into Netflix, these might work: 1 / 2 / 3/ 4 / 5

Any recommendations on things I should add to my list?

Extra Happy Birthday To Me

Today I headed to the mall on my own (Cary's out of town on a guys weekend) totally intending to check out the garage sale going on at REI... But instead I found myself at the apple store, admiring iPads as usual. Except this week was my birthday week. And Cary wasn't there to stop me. And I've been working super hard makin dollars at work recently. Sooooo... I got one!! In fact, this blog post is being written from my iPad right now! I decided it would be great not to fight over my laptop at night (Cary's laptop is on the fritz) and this can do all my day to day things like email, blogging, facebooking, and even photo editing / creative things. 

I'm super impressed with how many apps for creative people there are, and even more impressed with how many are free. Even Adobe has a cool (free) "Adobe Ideas" app that's like a lite version of photoshop / illustrator, complete with layers capability! I think it'll take a little getting used to drawing …

I Want A Puppy

Look at this tiny puppy we saw while we were climbing the other day. CUTE ATTACK!! I probably should have just picked him up and put him in my pcket. No big deal...

Happy Birthday To Me

Hooooorahhh birthddayyyy! Thanks Momma for this awesome photo :)

Everett Farmers Market

This Sunday was opening weekend for the Everett farmers market, hoorahh!

Antique Store Finds

This Saturday I got to go antiquing on Hewitt in some delightful stores I haven't checked out yet. Antique stores are certainly a bit more expensive than Goodwill, but have SO MUCH MORE amazingness to look through. To my delight I found a few fannnntastic pieces! Not sure what I'm going to do with the washtub or the light yet, but we have so many unfinished rooms, I'm sure I'll find the perfect spot :)

Artists Garage Sale

For as long as I can remember, the weekend nearest to my birthday has always been a village wide celebration. Not because I'm the most crazy-awesome person around (even though I am, obviously) but because it's time for Canal Days! It's always been a little sad, and a little less of a celebratory feel to have birthdays away from Fairport... Ok, thats a tad bit dramatic, but it is super fun to have a big party down the street with tons of awesome food and music right around your birthday! Enter, the Artist's Garage Sale...

Today I was out enjoying the sunshine, taking a leisurely walk through downtown, when the noise of a crowd and smell or kettle-corn drifted my way. Upon further inspection, I found a closed main street and Everett's mini version of Canal Days! Lots of cool art and art supplies for sale, food vendors, and people out enjoying the festival. How neat!