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Tech Gifts

With Christmas officially less than a month away, here are a few awesome techie items I'm wishing for:

1. VSCO Film  /  2. Apple SD Card Reader  /  3. 16 GB SD Card  /  4. Jawbone JamBox

Happy Thanksgiving

Today I'm thankful for Bork family time and lots of delicious eats :)

Howson Creek, WA

This weekend we attempted to hike Sasse Mountain, but got a bit lost finding the trailhead, and ended up hiking the Howson Creek Trail up to Sasse Ridge instead. The end result was the same as what we had planned (great views of Ranier and surrounding peaks) but with 1,000 ft more elevation gain over 2 less miles, aka the steepest thing I've ever hiked.

Watercolor Landscapes

Tonight Cary and I used my watercolors for the first time in forrrrever. I thought my seasonal mountain landscape duo was pretty awesome until I saw Cary's epic stormy boat.

Gothic Basin, WA (Almost)

Today we hiked the Gothic Basin trail, or at least the first part up to the (unsuccessful) river crossing. At least it was a pretty mile and a half in!

Geocache Turned Photoshoot

Today Pam & I attempted to geocache in Ballard... but with a 0 for 2 success rate, we had a lot more fun window shopping between caches and documenting the adventure. Not wanting to be left totally empty handed, we searched for a final cache in Green Lake after dark & were rewarded handsomely for our efforts!

Colchuck Lake, WA

This weekend Cary and I tested out my new zero degree bag with some snow camping at Colchuck Lake. We brought our snowshoes & microspikes just in case, but conditions hiking in were much less snowy than anticipated (at least lugging unnecessary gear is a good workout right?)

I also brought along my new 35mm prime lens for its first trip outside, woot! It's much smaller in my pack than my regular lens, and the close ups are out of this world... but I totally underestimated how zoomed in 35mm is. I had a hard time taking photos of the mountains around us, even from half a mile away. I think from now on I'll stick to my usual 18-55mm for backpacking trips, but it was interesting to experiment!