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What a majestic place. If I lived in DC, I would come here to read and watch the ridiculous tourists (like current me).

Lincoln Memorial

Every time I visit the Lincoln Memorial, I can't help but image massive marble Lincoln getting up off his massive marble chair and walking outside to check out the reflecting pool.

DC Geocache

For a bit of extra fun while we were exploring downtown DC, we hit up a few of the "historic" geocaches on the mall. This cache was particularly crowded (due to proximity to the national Christmas tree) so we started a mini flash mob of tourist-photography while I snapped my documentation pics.

Hartnetts For The Holidays

Quality time with the fam in Delaware was the perfect opportunity for a mini-photoshoot (we may have a real, live, Hartnett-family-together Christmas card photo after all!)

Sister Sister

Isn't she lovely?

Mango Thyme Cocktails

Cary whipped up some delicious fridge-drinks (made exclusively of things already in the fridge) this afternoon

Mango Thyme Cocktails
coconut rum
mandarin vodka
peach vodka
Grand Marnier
tonic water
fresh mango
fresh thyme

Tropical Holiday

Cary and I arrived in Naples early this morning (after a typical 3-4 hours of sleep on our red-eye) and immediately indulged in pool-side naps. I'm not a huge hot-weather fan, but chilling in tank tops and flip flops for a few days will definitely be a nice switch from our usual down jackets :)

Back In Black

Feeling in need of some classic blacks this season.

1. Plain black v-tee
2. Marble contrast top
3. Lace-back tank
4. Tiny hearts sweater

Backcountry Christmas Tree

This year, Cary and I started a new Christmas-y tradition: decorating a tree in the woods. We picked out a trail that we knew would be snowy & full of evergreens (not a hard ask in Washington) and packed in lights, ornaments, chairs, and all the makings for Christmas feast.

Alpental Ice Climbing

The ice is in early this year, so Cary & Colin celebrated with a trip to Alpental. We camped in the car the night before so the guys could get an early start (and I could snooze for a few extra hours). It ended up being super crowded by the time I rolled out of bed, and was only slightly awkward as I emerged from the trunk of the car in my PJs.