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Squamish, BC

On our way back from Whistler, we made a quick stop in Squamish for a few pitches across the road from the chief.

Weekend in Whistler

Cary and I took a little mini-cation up to Whistler with some friends last weekend. Temperatures were in the 50s most of the time, so the skiing was delightfully warm but a bit slushy. We decided that expensive lift tickets for more than one day of slush was a bit insane, so we tried out other fun Whistler activities like cross country skiing, exploring the village, and enjoying our cabin/condo.

Woods Fog

On our hike down Si, we encountered some crazy atmospheric fog in the woods.

Mount Si, WA

With the Seahawks game occupying most of the city today, Cary and I took the opportunity to hike Seattle's most popular trail: Mount Si. Usually an absolute zoo, we enjoyed views of Ranier, the Olympics, and the crazy cloud cover almost all to ourselves.

Vampire Weekend

This years Amazon holiday party featured Vampire Weekend, one of Cary and my favorite bands of the year. They didn't end up playing our favorite song (Horchata, from the Contra album) but there were plenty of other hits we got to rock out to.


Absolutely loving this inspirational bit from Design Love Fest.

Week-night Out

Tonight we're headed to the opera, how civilized!

Walk To Work

First full day of our downtown experiment complete, and I'm loovvving it!!! The 15 minute walk to work is pretty hard to beat, and Cary's 35 minute drive is not too shabby (it usually takes him 15-20 minutes from our house in Everett). It was especially nice that Cary didn't have to wait for me to get ready (I can be a bit of a morning lollygagger), and that I got to watch a whole episode of Downton Abbey with my extra morning time. In the future I suppose I could do meaningful things like work out in the morning, or paint watercolors, or read books... but for now watching TV and sleeping a little extra is pretty awesome :)

Suite Life

Our guest suite apartment dealio is quite delightful and modern.

Downtown Living

For various reasons (commute, culture, condo-living ease, etc) Cary and I have been contemplating the idea of living downtown, close to my office. Right now, my long hours, plus my long commute, plus public transit lag time (standing at a bus stop for half an hour daily) adds up to lots and lots of time apart... and with Cary's more regular schedule, it might make sense for him to do the driving. Coupled with our generally terrible gardening & housekeeping skills, and our fondness of traveling for weekends and random long stretches of time, the thought of living in a little condo within walking distance of work has become quite exciting.

To test out our theory that the Borks may be entering yet another life shift (hey, it's been at least a year since we had major life changes, its about time for us to be bored!) we're "living" in South Lake Union for a week, in an awesome guest suite apartment at a co-worker's condo building. Just a few blocks from work, …

Mt. Baker, WA

Helloooooooo snow!! As usual, we enjoyed lots and lots of powder this weekend skiing and snowshoeing at Mt. Baker. Since I'm a forgetful franny, and haven't been in this kind of weather in a while, I didn't think to bring my contacts... and suffered cold-face & foggy glasses all weekend. Good thing they're pretty massive, and blocked most of the pelting snow from my eyeballs.

Stevens Pass, WA

We enjoyed some fabulous late day skiing at Stevens this weekend. My first time out this season, I was definitely a little rusty for the first few hours, but felt pretty good by the last run.

New Years Eve

Last night we rang in the new year with a vegetarian feast, cards against humanity, and a delicious cheesecake.