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Office Supply Art

As we're prepping our house to be sold, we decided it's finally time to fill the 3 large picture framesin our living room. We bought them over a year ago, but still hadn't gotten around to putting anything in them. As all of my regular art supplies are packed away, I scrounged together bits of unpacked office supplies to make a sweet minimalist trio. Pretty spiffy, eh?

Hello Spring

Flowers are out an about in the yard, does this means spring has sprung?

Skyline Lake with Mom

Not quite as sunny as the last time we headed up to skyline lake, but Mom and I are taking full advantage of our girls weekend with lots of outdoor time. Avalanche danger is "considerate" this weekend, so skyline was a great low-risk option. We enjoyed some serious glissading on the way down, and by the time we reached the bottom I may have even convinced mom that backcountry skiing would be fun! :)

Pack It Up

If the past few weeks have been a bit quiet in blog land, it's because (as usual) big, fun news is brewing in Borklandia. As I'm writing this post, the date is still up in the air, but this Friday or Monday, Cary and I will be closing on a condo downtown! That's right folks, we've lived in Seattle for a whole 1 year and 8 months, and are ready to move for a second time. The house hunting process was much different this time around, less freetime to endlessly scour the internet for listings, more of a laser focus on what we wanted (a condo within walking distance to my work, lots of great restaurants nearby, a rooftop garden, and just enough space for our gear). We're super excitied to have found our dream condo, and can't wait to be in it during the daylight long enough to take a few decent pictures, but in the meantime there's lots of goodwilling and cleaning out our current place to be done. I think our realator probably loves us as home buyers (I mean co…

More Sun in Vantage

Gratuitous pictures of early morning sunshine.

Campfire Feast

Cary went all out for our campfire dinner this Saturday, a special treat for all the guys-weekend-steaks I've missed out on.

Moonshine Wall: Vantage, WA

We escaped the rain this weekend by heading east to Vantage. We forgot sunglasses and sunscreen because we kindof forgot that sun exists... but it was aweeesome anyways!


Has anyone else noticed how many snowy posts I've written in a row? Not that I don't love skiing, or taking pictures of fresh snow on evergreens, but it's pretty much all we've done lately. It isn't cold or snowy in Seattle proper, but I'm still getting a serious hankering for some warm weather travels. Top places I'd travel now?
(If I didn't have work, or expenses, or whatever)

1. Anguilla  /  2. Hawaii /  3. Iceland

Mountain Loop Highway, WA

Enjoying the fresh pow on Mountain Loop Highway while Mom and Dad are in town this weekend :)