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Releasing our inner ar-tists, can you tell which ones are mine and which ones are Cary's?

New Couch

It's finally here and its everything I ever dreamed of!!! :)

Photoshop Experiments

Testing out some super funky photo editing work in Photoshop tonight with some of my favorite shots from various outdoor adventures. Pretty pleased with the way they turned out.

Couch (Soon)

Couch time is nearly here!! Despite some shipping delays and a bit of down time in Seattle for a damaged leg repair, our couch is scheduled to arrive tomorrow. CAN'T WAIT. Bed-couch be gone!

Summer Sandals

Just added these puppies to my closet. Awww yis.

1. Cole Haan / 2. Volcom/ 3. Sam Edelman

Faux Tilt-shift

Trying out the different settings on my little camera (while the big one is in the shop for a few minor repairs), I discovered it has a simulated tilt-shift mode. How neat!

Hyas and Tuck Lakes

Our "instead of Rainier" plans were greatly shaped by the weather throughout Washington this past weekend, lots of rain, some snow, and a few forest fires made most areas a poor choice for a visit. We deciced on a small area of national forest north of Cle Elum that was snow free, fire free, and had only 30-40% chance of rain. If this area sounds familiar, its because we've visited this spot once before for quite the adventure at Sasse Ridge. Our first day of hiking up to Tuck lake was relatively uneventful, as we soaked in gorgeous summer views of the lakes and surrounding valleys. Our second day however, we were confronted with an impassible river crossing, and ended up bushwhacking across the valley to another trail. The group of hikers who happened to be passing through as we rejoined the trail must have been shocked and confused by the four of us bursting out of the shrubbery, out of breath and covered in branches :)

Rainier Update

Just got some good news and some bad news from Cary about our upcoming trip to Rainier. The good news is that we've got a whole three day weekend off work to spend time outside and relax. The bad news is that we won't be doing that relaxing on Rainier. Although we've had gorgeous weather for almost the past 3 weeks, this weekend on Rainier will be full of rain and snow, making visibility super low, and crossing crevasses very dangerous. Instead, we'll be brainstorming other fun things for this weekend, and putting Rainier on hold until conditions are safer. Boooooo for planning things way in advance and having Washington weather get crazy at the last second.

Panorama Point

Yesterday I hiked to Panorama Point with a few pals. This super popular trail in Rainier National Park is actually the first 2 miles of what we'll be doing up to Camp Muir next weekend, and was an awesome taste of what the full hike will be like (beaauuuutiful!). I had no idea that Rainier was so full of alpine meadows and tiny waterfalls, so different from the areas surrounding the other volcanoes we've done. The super warm weather combined with the large amounts of snow on the trail made this hike like one big playground, so fun!!

Prepping for Rainier

A few last minute items I'd like to stock up on this week. Cary is all about "light is right", but in my opinion these are totally worth the weight:

1. Glacier glasses / 2. Tiny sled / 3. Krave jerky / 4. Salted caramels / 5. Non-cotton tank

Mt. Adams

Cary and I celebrated July 4th by hiking the south climb route up Mt. Adams. The total trip is 12 miles and 6700 ft of elevation gain, but I decided to hang out with the ladies and sunbathe at lunch counter (where we camped for the night) instead of summiting. Cary powered through the whole route like a champ, but was greeted by views of the inside of a cloud instead of panoramic views at the top.

Mountain Pump Up

This was our pump up song for the weekend as we drove the windy road up to Adams. Originally heard in Into the Mind, it conjures images of insane slopes and adrenaline.

Electric Pow Wow Drum // A Tribe Called Red

Wildfire Sunset

To avoid the typically insane traffic near Tacoma, we drove east before heading south (to Mt. Adams). Coincidentally, that road went right through a wildfire. It was quite smoky in the car, but the sunset through the smoke was incredible!!