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Labor Day Weekend: Vantage

This weekend we had one of our good buddies from Columbus in town. He's an avid fan of outdoor adventures, so we put together a grand tour of our favorite Washington climbing spots. First on the list: Vantage.

Annette Lake, WA

Took a nice jaunt up to Annette Lake this weekend. It was nice to be in the wilderness for the first time in a while, especially since early season blueberries have started to appear.

Snapshots from NY

Brought the instant camera along with me to New York. Might be my new favorite travel camera for social travel (as opposed to epic landscape travel).

Relaxed to the Max

Had an awesome time visiting family this weekend. There's nothing more relaxing than a long weekend with no real plans, poolside lounging, great (free) food, and lots of wine tasting. Highlights included a quick jaunt up to Niagara falls, a bit of geocaching, and long thoughtful chats about life with Pops.


Enjoying a quick respite with the fam back in Fairport this week/weekend :)

Portlandia Birthday

For Cary's birthday we took a mini vacay by train down to to Portland. To make our trip as portland-esque as possible we brought our bikes, stayed in the Ace Hotel, and watched episodes of Portlandia each night. I also brought along my new instant camera for some super fun vintage photos.