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San Juan Island, WA

While the guys fine tuned their trad-climbing skills in Leavenworth this weekend, Pam and I took advantage of one of our last potential weekends of sun and headed to the San Juans. Since this was a girls trip, we decided to book exciting non

London - Day 6

Last full day in London! Making the most of it with lots of food, exploring, and pub time.


Just around the corner from the office.

Talk Talk

Had a team dinner tonight with a German, an Italian (who speaks french), an Englishman, an American (who speaks german), and two Frenchmen (who have english accents)... talk about a cultural mind explosion! I attempted to dabble in all languages, and mostly ended up talking about Laugenbrötchen, burgers, and barbecue. Apparently gourmet burgers are a huge thing here in London at the moment, so we're headed to a team dinner at a super hip burger joint tomorrow night. YUM!


I just cannot believe how varied the architecture is in London. I mean seriously, look at how many styles, and ages, and sizes of buildings are in this picture!

London - Day 1

First international business trip is off and running! The flight I originally booked ended up being super full, so I volunteered to take an alternate flight, with a free upgrade to business class for the overnight leg (fold flat bed-seats, personal entertainment system, and free champagne.. yippeee!) I arrived a bit later than the original flight, but had plenty of time to navigate the Underground to my hotel (sans-4G, just using screenshots of googles maps and transit directions), wander the financial district with my camera, and enjoy a milkshake and a burger. I even made friends with an old man in the burger shop who was interested in my camera (apparently the retro-manual dials appeal to hipsters and people who actually owned cameras with dials), all in all a good start to the trip!

Visit from the In-laws

We said goodbye to Cary's parents after their first trip out to our new condo this weekend. Lots of great adventuring around the city and surrounding areas, including a trip to Rainier (finally!!). It was Cary's first time in the park (which is insane, I know) and we went to the most gorgeous but most popular trail around: Panorama Point. My second time on the trail, I was shocked to find that it was even more crowded now that the snows have melted. Luckily, we found a super neat off-shoot from the regular trail about halfway up that was not paved and totally devoid of people. Wildflowers were in full bloom, the views or Rainier were incredible, and it was like some kind of marmot heaven (we saw 6 within a few hundred feet).