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Cat Masks

It's been a while since I've busted out my paper shaping and prismacolor markering, but making these masks for Halloween was SUPER fun.

Skyline Divide, WA

We escaped the rain today by heading to the mountains. With enough elevation gain, all the rain turned into super-fluffy snow fun. I finally got a chance to use the lightweight sled I bought for Rainier, and it was every bit as fun as I'd hoped :)

Rainy Season

It's officially the rainy season here. Boo.

Talpus Lake, WA

Took it easy (from an outdoorsy perspective) this weekend. Just a quick jaunt up to Talpus Lake on Saturday, so we had plenty of time for pre-halloween festivities like zombie paintball and zombie movies.

Game Hen

Nothing says "welcome to fall" like a roasted game hen and root vegetables. Because game hen.


" theory now is that maybe it is a better idea to look for as many answers as possible when you are young. Heck, if there are answers out there, go and get them! There’s nothing wrong with that. Don’t waste time with people that give you questions back from questions you’ve raised, as when you age you’ll have plenty of time (in reality a decreasing amount of it as life is usually finite) to ask yourself questions."

- John Maeda


Saw this on swiss-misstoday, Eleanor knows whats up.

Phelps Basin, WA - Day 2

The second day in Phelps Basin was super sunny and warm, encouraging us to turn our morning "jaunt" to check out the valley into a scramble up near the edge of the basin. Great views, an awesome campsite, and potential for lots of mixed climbing means we'll definitely be back.

Phelps Basin, WA - Day 1

The hike to Phelps Basin was fairly low key (1900 ft elevation gain over 7 miles) but left me with so many amazing photos I had to split it into 2 days. The first day was misty and full of moody atmosphere, making the spiky speaks around us seem even more extreme.