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Rooftop S'mores

Nothing says "perfectly clear 50 degree night in the middle of January" quite like rooftop s'mores.

Paradise, WA (again)

We've really been skunked on good ski weather surrounding Seattle lately. So much rain, so much warm, no new snow. After lots of debate, and searching the map for places that wouldn't be super avalanche prone, but would still have enough snow to ski, we ended up back at the old classic: Rainier. I was hesitant to do Paradise two weekends in a row (like really, a repeat adventure so soon?) but the weather was GORGEOUS. Totally worth it for a bluebird day (we could see all the way to Mt Hood!) and just shy of mashed potato snow conditions.


"The hoarder thinks he has a storage problem when he really has a 'throwing things away problem'. I say I am 'time poor' as if the problem is that poor me is given only 24 hours in a day."
– Jeff Atwood

This is an especially interesting quote to ponder as I prioritize watching Just Add Magic (one of the new Amazon Pilots,likely aimed at 13 year old girls) over time on the exercise bike. I swear I am using some time wisely, as I actually took time to read the book this quote is from.

Paradise, WA

Cary and I took a quick tour up near Panorama Point today. Visibility was ridiculously bad, and the snow was mostly ice crust, but every now and then we hit small patches of powder that were aweeeeesome.

Snowflake Shirts

Just found these gems from 2 Christmases ago. Hand-carved block-printed matching sister snowflake shirts. Whatuppppppp.

Vacation Booking Spree

Getting supes excited for this year, especially now that we have a few awesome vacations planned and booked! This weekend we locked in our travel to:

Whistler / Scottish Lakes / Kauai

Mount Si (Fog)

It's been a while since we've hiked Si, but with no snow and lots of rain everywhere in the cascades this weekend it seemed like the right time to try it again. A little part of me kept holding out hope that we would punch through the clouds like last time, but no such luck. Great workout though!

Hiking Essentials

Put this quick little doodle together today for a friend who's getting into hiking :)

Music for January

Keepin the tunes chill for this chilly month. Just the right speed for post-ski pass-outs and reading on the couch with the sniffles.

King and Cross - Ásgeir
Little Bit - Perrin Lamb
The Burden of Beauty - Eau Rouge
Bones - Dustin Tebbutt
Tenerife Sea - Ed Sheeran
Divinty - Porter Robinson
Mad World - DLG Orchestra
Earned It - The Weeknd
Daffodils - Mark Ronson, Kevin Parker


Watching space needle fireworks from our rooftop was the perfect capstone to a year of awesomechanges. Can't wait to see what fun we'll get into in 2015!