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Nemesis Defeated (Bandera)

Hiked my nemesis, Bandera, today and finally made it to the top!! Must have been the sunshine and the encouraging words from gal pals Sarah and Backcountry Whit.

Paradise, WA (Round 4)

So our annual pass to Rainier National Park has basically turned into our season pass for skiing this year. Weather was gorgeous.. a little colder than last time, and a lot more breakable crust... but with blue skies, sunshine, and enough snow to ski, I'm not complaining :)

Coffee Tables

First up on the furniture to-do list: coffee table.

1. Made Cascade Table / 2. Urban Hardwoods Elm / 3. Room and Board Keane


Building-wide repairs for our place are FINALLY nearing an end. Work started on our floor in early November, and it's been almost 4 months of walls being torn up, and a construction crew in our place every weekday since then. We still have at least a week or two left (inspections, final sign offs, etc) but as of Friday all our walls were back together and primed. I can't wait to be able to settle in to our place... hang pictures, finish buying furniture, maybe even paint?!

Night Skies

Finally got to try out the amazing backpacking tripod I got for Christmas with some night photography this weekend. So much better than balancing my camera on rocks and trying to hold really still.. you can actually see the stars! Thank you Tanner!!

Valentines at Vantage