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Music for March

This month, I'm devoting an entire playlist to my most played artist of the month: Smallpools. This album was just launched this month and I can't stop listening the Killer Whales song. I mean, really, a song involving killer whales?!!?

Killer Whales - Smallpools
Over & Over - Smallpools
Mason Jar - Smallpools
Dreaming - Smallpools
Street Fight - Smallpools

Scottish Lakes Highcamps, WA

Cary and I spent the weekend in backcountry luxury at Scottish Lakes Highcamps. There's no electricity in camp, but wood stoves keep the cabins warm, and after a long day of skiing, the wood-fired hot tub and sauna felt absolutely spa-like. Snow coverage was minimal (as with the rest of Washington) but we still found enough for 2 decent tours.

Think Big

This girl is my all time hero. She inspires me to think about the important things in life: culture, work-life-balance, and the benefits of wearing lounge clothes from the Old Navy sale rack. So lucky to have had her here FOR AN ENTIRE WEEK. Until next time girl girl....

Tour De Outdoors

We gave Lex and Teun a tour of our favorite snow-free outdoor spots this weekend (Vantage and Leavenworth). They got into the full adventure-experience with some climbing, hiking, camping, and dune parkour.

Happy Birthday Teun

Starting in Rotterdam and ending in Seattle, Teun had an amazingly long birthday (a whole 33 hours!)


Lex is in town visiting (for her 3rd time since we moved to Seattle) and we took SO MANY more pictures on her first day here than the entire time she visited last time. She brought her boif Teun along for the visit this time, and its been supes fun to show them around our city.