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Music for April

Not sure how this slipped through the cracks, but I had this totally awesome playlist ready to share ages ago. It's real electronic-ish and fun for dancing.

Roll the Dice - Dawa
Dangerous - Big Data
The Business of Emotion - Big Data
Headlights - Robin Schulz
Snowed In - Big Data
Unkinder - Thumpers

Beach Day

Today we headed to Paradise to do a little bit of skiing and glacier skills practice. It was insanely warm, so mostly we ended up building snow castles and lounging in the sun.

Kerry Park

Found the neatest little park while exploring Queen Anne today, what a gorgeous neighborhood!

Picnic in the Park

I love lazy lady dates. Fancy cheese and rosé for the win.

Summit Lake, WA

Took a quick jaunt out to Summit Lake near RNP this Sunday. Amazing scenery for fairly little effort, even with extra distance up a nearby ridge for unobstructed views of Rainier.

Paddling on South Lake Union

Soaked up some sun on South Lake Union this Saturday (ssssssseriously sweet :)

Starry Nights

Love how clear the desert skies are in eastern Washington.

Vantage, WA

Vantage is totally the spot for early spring adventures, and easing into the outdoors. We took Backcountry Whit there this weekend for her first Washington camping trip and first non-gym climbing excursion, and she totally rocked a 5.10a (and a top-out route with a pack on!)

Chicago, IL

Took a solo-minication to Chicago to visit a few old friends last weekend, what a blast! Fun to see a totally different perspective on (design) work and free-time.