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Rainy Surf

Despite the stormy, rainy, awful weather we headed out to Westport for some surfing today. Cary argued that when you're in the water you won't even notice a little more water... which to my surprise was mostly true :)

Friday Harbor, WA

Took a rad girls (+puppeh) trip to the San Juans today. Riding ferrys always makes me feel like I'm on vacation, and the Anacortes to Friday Harbor journey is by far my favorite :)

37,000 Balloons

Cary and I went on an art date at the Henry Gallery tonight, mostly to check out this cool exhibit where you walk through a room full of 37,000 grey balloons.

Oregon Coast Road Trip

So many beaches this weekend... Favorites were Manzanita and Hug Point.

Enchantments, WA

To celebrate Cary's 30th birthday this weekend, we completed the epic Enchantments thru hike. We've been on a lot of hikes, but this might have been one of the prettiest, and certainly the most intense.. our GPS clocked it in at 19 miles, and just under 12 hours, wooooooo!