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Caught some surf and sun in Westport this weekend. Since I've already posted a million photos of this stretch of beach (and flat beach expanse with waves in the distance only has so many angles), heres something new. I call it "Beachgrass blanketman".

Hidden Lake, WA - Day 2

After an awesome night sleeping under the stars (using the tent as a 2 person bivy), we woke up early to strong winds and fog. We put our tent up and headed back to sleep, but woke up to lots of cloud cover and a totally different view of the peaks around us.

Hidden Lake, WA - Day 1

Fall is my favorite season for backpacking, so Cary and I try to do at least one trip during the height of the fall colors each year. It seems like there are so many favorite photos from these trips I have to end up breaking it into 2 days.. oh well :)

Hidden Lake was a relatively short hike, 8 miles and 3300 ft elevation gain, but is right in the heart of the North Cascades, and offers AMAZING views. From the lookout we were able to spot Baker, Glacier, Eldorado, Sahale, Forbidden, Snow King and even a bit of Ranier and the Olympics at sunset.

Crescent Bar, WA

Central Washington by the Columbia River always blows my mind. Even just passing through (on our way to see Dave at the Gorge), I can't get enough of those super golden, rolling hills.