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Portsmouth, NH

Headed out to Portsmouth, NH today, with a little stop in Salem, MA on the way. Lots of harbor-town cuteness and historical houses (including the House of the Seven Gables, which we looked at from a distance and didn't pay the $15 a person to actually tour through).

Boston, MA - Day 2

Explored the Common and Beacon Hill today, how quaint!

Boston, MA - Day 1

Sooooooo I made it to Boston (with about 3 hours of sleep). We adventured all over the city and looked at many brick buildings, brick bridges, and brick streets. They're all about the bricks here. Also, this is the most photos of me taken in a single day. I only sometimes look like a crazy person.

Girls Week

In honor of visiting my awesome sister in less than 6 hours (tippity tapping typing this post from this airport in fact), here are some photos of how awesome we are together.

Sun on the Sound

Serious workout and serious views today. Who knew there were so many hills north of Golden Gardens?