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Tropical Holidays

We had a white (sand) christmas in Florida this year :)

Rest Day(s)

Still working through knee-injury recovery (2 weeks down, 4-6 to go) so my weekend was full of leg raises and gentle stretching. Here's a few picture of the sweet tape I get to rock this week under my brace though.

Seattle Skies

I don't care what people say about Seattle weather, sunsets on the water are so beautiful here.

Christmas Tree

This weekend was our 3rd annual backcountryChristmas treeadventure. Thanks to my knee injury our hike in was notably shortened, so we went all out with a big fire and dutch oven beef stew for dinner. Yum!

Yodelin Woods

Lots of trees and snow near the base of Yodelin. Excellent to get out and get some fresh air!

Pow Overload

Hit up Mt. Baker resort this weekend to take advantage of the massive amounts of fresh snow! Definitely felt like my downhill skills improved (after mostly hiking uphill in the backcountry) but one faceplant too many in the cascade concrete landed me with a torn MCL and 6-8 weeks of no activity. GASP.