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Partly Cloudy

This totally counts as a sunny day in my opinion.

Low Visiblity

Took a tiny little tour around the Rainier backcountry (Mazama Ridge) to test out my recovering knee in some semi-deep snow. We didn't make it super far due to the low visibility, but it was perfect for getting back to it. Pretty sore, but nothing feels re-injured, woooooooooooo.

Art Date

Lady date with my main wo-man Pammers today, looked at some cool art and a lot of vintage judgy lady face paintings. Best part? Free admission at the Frye every day.

Victoria, BC

Despite the warm (no snow) but rainy weather in the Northwest right now, Cary and I wanted to treat ourselves to a weekend getaway. Could have been the floatplane, or the tacones, or the mineral pools, but I found Victoria during the off-season absolutely magical.