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Death Valley, CA

Running away from rain in Vegas, for day 3 of our super awesome sister trip we headed out to one of the driest places on earth: Death Valley.

Hoover Dam, AZ

For day 2 of our super awesome sister trip to the desert we kayaked down the Colorado River, starting at the Hoover Dam. I've been on tours of the Hoover Dam before, but seeing it from the water was way cool.

Valley of Fire, NV

Day 1 of our super awesome sister trip to the desert! It was raining in Red Rocks where we camped, so we did a little sun chasing and were pleasantly shocked and awed by the awesomeness of Valley of Fire.

Girls Getaway

Headed to Vegas to see my sister in just about 2 days. I'm sure we'll score a little bit of poolside lounging, but theres also lots of amazing nature and hiking within an hour's drive of the city. SO EXCITED.


2 of my photos got accepted to iStock this week. Does this mean I can call myself a "professional" photographer now?

Vashon Island, WA

The weather this weekend in Seattle was absolutely beautiful, so we took full advantage of it on Sunday with an all day bike ride. For some reason I assumed "25 miles" meant round trip to Vashon and back (including the ferry, so like basically 20 miles) when it was actually 25 miles one way... It was a beautiful ride though, and we had lunch at such a tasty spot, I'd definitely do it again.

Neah Bay, WA

Cary and I drove to the very end of the peninsula this weekend to scout out spots for the upcoming surf season. My skis and I have had a lot of fun this winter, but I can't wait for some salt and sand in my hair!!