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Bullion Basin, WA

Took advantage of the partial sunshine, snowy weather, and the fact that we're mostly done getting our house ready to put on the market (wooo!), to check out a spot called Bullion Basin. It was super cold, and I'm really out of shape, so we only did one lap of the top glades, but this tour was SO MUCH FUN. Only a 2 hour drive from Seattle (just across the street from Crystal), I can't wait to go back!

On the move

Every 2 years, Cary and I apparently get really stir crazy and decide that we need to change up our housing situation (see exhibit A and exhibit B). I'm pretty proud of us that this time it took 3 years before the itch hit, but its definitely that time again. We've found a place we really love, in an area not to far from where we are now, but with a little more room for us to grow. It's close enough that I can still jog to work if I want to, but far enough away from downtown that Cary wont run into crazy traffic on the way home. It's an ultra-modern townhouse, which feels like a nice halfway between our current loft and our first house in Everett. We'll get more space than we have now (our surfboards and bikes will be so excited), but not so much space that things will get out of control if we leave for 3 weeks on a road trip adventure and don't mow the lawn :)

We're hoping to close mid-March, so there's been lots of weekends spent indoors prepping the …


Refinishing cabinetry is not super adventurous, but I took some pictures anyways because this is what we're up to these days.

Whistler, BC

Lot of fresh powder at Whistler this weekend. Super fun to have decent conditions this year, after a few years of mostly slush. We planned on having a day or two in the backcountry near the ski resort, but ended up playing it safe due to high avalanche ratings for all areas, so all I have as photo evidence of our trip is this picture from the Lost Lake snowshoe area near the place we stayed.